Accrued Items

Business / Real Estate / Accrued Items: In a closing statement, items of expense that are incurred but not yet payable, such as interest on a mortgage loan or taxes on real property.

Counterpart Items

Business / Finance / Counterpart Items: Stocks whose price tends to rise when the economy is in recession or the market is bearish, and vice versa. MORE

Cash-Equivalent Items

Business / Finance / Cash-Equivalent Items: An accounting book that is composed of cash receipts plus disbursements. This balance is posted to the cash account in the ledger. MORE

Extraordinary Items

Business / Accounting / Extraordinary Items: Nonoperating gains and losses that are unusual in nature, infrequent in occurrence, and material in amount. MORE

Noncash Items

Business / Accounting / Noncash Items: Items included in the determination of net income on an accrual basis that do not affect cash: examples are depreciation and amortization. MORE

Prepaid Items

Business / Real Estate / Prepaid Items: On a closing statement, items that have been paid in advance by the seller, such as insurance premiums and some real estate taxes, for which he or she must be reimbursed by the buyer. MORE

Accrued Weeks

Life Style / Time Shares / Accrued Weeks: Any unused weeks from the previous year that have been banked and are available for use this year. This will not be the same with all time shares so you should check your contract for furthere details MORE