Actual Eviction

Business / Real Estate / Actual Eviction: The legal process that results in the tenants being physically removed from the leased premises.

Other Words for Actual

Actual Adjective Synonyms: existing, existent, real, genuine, factual, true, authentic, verified, verifiable, true to life, manifest, realized, realistic, solid

Other Words for Eviction

Eviction Verb Synonyms: ouster, dispossession, dislodgement, expulsion, ejection, removal, disseisin or disseizin, the boot

Constructive Eviction

Business / Real Estate / Constructive Eviction: Actions of a landlord that so materially disturb or impair a tenants enjoyment of the leased premises that the tenant is effectively forced to move out and terminate the lease without liability for an MORE


Business / Finance / Actuals: The physical commodities underlying a futures contract. Cash commodity, physical asset. MORE

Contractual Plan

Business / Finance / Contractual Plan: The month in which futures contracts may be satisfied by making or accepting a delivery. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Eviction: 1. The legal process of removing a tenant from the premises as a result of a breach of a lease. 2. The distrubance of a tenants enjoyment of any material part of a leased premises by an act of the lan MORE

Retaliatory Eviction

Business / Real Estate / Retaliatory Eviction: An eviction due to a tenants complaints to the landlord, a public agency or tenant association. It is illegal for a landlord to decrease services, increase rent or evict the tenant within 180 days of MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Actualization: The realization of ones full potential intellectual, psychological, physical MORE