After-Acquired Title

Business / Real Estate / After-Acquired Title: Title or interest acquired by the grantor after a property has been conveyed.

Other Words for Title

Title Noun Synonyms: caption, inscription, headline, head, subtitle, legend, subhead, rubric
Title Adjective Synonyms: name

Root Of The Title

Business / Real Estate / Root Of The Title: The original grant (or root) of the title. MORE

Substitution Of Entitlement

Business / Real Estate / Substitution Of Entitlement: Replaces one eligible veteran with another on an existing Veterans Administration loan. The entitlement is restored to the original veteran. MORE

Suit To Quiet Title

Business / Real Estate / Suit To Quiet Title: A court action intended to establish or settle the title to a particular property, especially when there is a cloud on the title. MORE

Quiet Title

Business / Real Estate / Quiet Title: A court action to remove a cloud on the title. MORE

Owners Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Owners Title Insurance: An insurance policy protecting the buyer for the amount of the purchase price in the event of a future title dispute. MORE

Naked Title

Business / Real Estate / Naked Title: Bare title to the property, lacking the usual rights and privileges of ownership. A trustee in a deed of trust securing instrument may hold the title to a secured property, but only such title as is n MORE