Aggrieved Party

Business / Real Estate / Aggrieved Party: One whose legal right is invaded by an act(s) of another. The word aggrieved refers to a substantial grievance, a denial of some personal or property right, or the imposition upon a party of a burden or obligation.

Other Words for Party

Party Noun Synonyms: (social) gathering, (cocktail or dinner) party, celebration, fête or fete, function, reception, soir‚e, levee, festivity, festivities, festival, frolic, spree, romp, carousal or carouse, saturnalia, bacchanalia, debauch, orgy, get-together, bash

Potentially Responsible Party (PRP)

Health / Disease / Potentially Responsible Party (PRP): A company, government, or person legally responsible for cleaning up the pollution at a hazardous waste site under Superfund. There may be more than one PRP for a particular site. MORE

Party Wall Easement

Business / Real Estate / Party Wall Easement: A party wall can be an exterior wall on a building that straddles the boundary line between two lots, or it can be a commonly shared partition wall between two connected properties. Each lot owner own MORE

Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Health / Health Insurance / Third Party Administrator (TPA): A company that provides administrative services to MCOs or self-funded health plans. MORE

Third Party Originator

Business / Real Estate / Third Party Originator: Third-party originators prepare loan applications for borrowers and submit the applications to lenders. MORE

Third-Party Sexual Harassment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Third-Party Sexual Harassment: Harassment of an employee by someone other than another employee, such as a client, customer, vendor or service provider. MORE

Party Wall

Business / Real Estate / Party Wall: A wall that is located on or at a boundary line between two adjoining parcels of land and is used or is intended to be used by the owners of both properties. MORE