Air Lot

Business / Real Estate / Air Lot: A designated airspace over a piece of land. An air lot, like surface property, may be transferred.

Other Words for Air

Air Noun Synonyms: atmosphere, ambience, aura, climate, feeling, sense, mood, quality

Other Words for Lot

Lot Noun Synonyms: lottery, drawing, raffle, drawing lots or straws
Lot Adjective Synonyms: collection, batch, consignment, assortment, group, portion, set, quantity, grouping, apportionment


Life Style / College / Lottery: Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is available for eligible full-time students (12 or more credit hours) and eligible part-time students. MORE


Business / Finance / Lots: In the context of general equities, this blocks or portions of trades. Can express a specific transaction in a stock at a certain time, often implying execution at the same price (e.g., 'I traded 40m MORE

Lot-And-Block (Recorded Plat) System

Business / Real Estate / Lot-And-Block (Recorded Plat) System: A method of describing real property that identifies a parcel of land by reference to lot and block numbers within a subdivision, as specified on a recorded subdivision plat. MORE

Lotus (Padmasana)

Health / Yoga / Lotus (Padmasana): A seated pose. Sit with your spine straight. Cross both of your legs and place the soles of your feet face up on top of your thighs near your hips. MORE

Lowest Logical Airfare

Life Style / Travel / Lowest Logical Airfare: Lowest airfare found within the parameters of a corporation’s travel policy. MORE


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