Business / Real Estate / Appropriation: Appropriation is the way a taxing body authorizes the expenditure of funds and provides for the sources of funding. Appropriation generally involves the adoption of an ordinance or the passage of a law that states the specific terms of the proposed taxation.

Omnibus Consolidated And Emergency Appropriations Act 1999

Business / Agriculture / Omnibus Consolidated And Emergency Appropriations Act 1999: P.L. 105-277 (October 21, 1998), among its numerous provisions that include the regular annual appropriations for most USDA programs, provided $5.9 billion in emergency spending for USDA programs to s MORE

Doctrine Of Prior Appropriation

Business / Agriculture / Doctrine Of Prior Appropriation: Water rights doctrine adopted by most western states, giving the first person to use water from a stream the first right to such water. If the first user does not consume all of the water, then the se MORE

Appropriation Account

Business / Accounting / Appropriation Account: An account in the nominal ledger which shows how the net profits of a business (usually a partnership, limited company or corporation) have been used. MORE

Prior Appropriation

Business / Real Estate / Prior Appropriation: A concept of water ownership in which the landowners right to use available water is based on a government administered permit system. MORE

Appropriation Request

Business / Finance / Appropriation Request: Formal request for funds for capital investment project. MORE

Right Of Prior Appropriation

Business / Real Estate / Right Of Prior Appropriation: A water rights concept in California and other states that the first user of riparian water obtains priority over subsequent users. MORE