Business / Real Estate / Assignment: The transfer of the right, title and interest in the property of one person (the assignor) to another (the assignee). There are assignments of, among other things, mortgages, sales contracts, contracts for deeds, leases and options.

Other Words for Assignment

Assignment Noun Synonyms: allotment, allocation, apportionment, giving (out), distribution

Variable Assignment

Technology / Programming / Variable Assignment: Variable assignment is the assignment of a value to a variable. For instance: int val:, val = 5:, // assign to val the value 5 before a value is assigned, the variable is null, which means it has no v MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reassignment: Transferring individuals to alternative positions where their talents or skills may be best utilized to their own or the organization’s benefit or where they are better able to perform the job in ac MORE

Deed Of Trust And Assignment Of Rents

Business / Real Estate / Deed Of Trust And Assignment Of Rents: The first page of a lending instrument, identifies the parties to the agreement, conveys title to the trustee, describes the collateral, states the terms and conditions of the note, and refers to prev MORE

Assignment Of Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Assignment Of Benefits: When a covered person authorizes his or her health benefits plan to directly pay a health care provider for covered services. Traditional health insurance pays benefits directly to the covered person. MORE

Sex Reassignment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Sex Reassignment : Refers to surgical alteration, which is a part of 'transition.' MORE

Number Assignment Module (NAM)

Technology / Cell Phones / Number Assignment Module (NAM): The NAM is the electronic memory in the cellular phone that stores the telephone number and an electronic serial number. Phones with dual- or multi-NAM features offer users the option of registering t MORE