Associate Broker

Business / Real Estate / Associate Broker: A real estate license classification used in some states to describe a person who has qualified as a real estate broker but still works for and is supervised by another broker, also called a broker-salesperson, broker-associate or affiliate broker.

Other Words for Associate

Associate Verb Synonyms: see, be seen with, socialize or fraternize (with), mix or mingle (with), go (out) with, consort with, have to do with, hang out with, pal with or about, pal up (with), pal around (with)
Associate Adjective Synonyms: subsidiary, secondary
Associate Noun Synonyms: colleague, partner, fellow, fellow-worker

Other Words for Broker

Broker Noun Synonyms: stockbroker, agent, dealer, middleman, intermediary, go-between, stockjobber

Institutional Broker

Business / Finance / Institutional Broker: Computerized subscriber service that serves as a vehicle for the fourth market. 'Instinet' is registered with the SEC As a stock exchange it numbers among its subscribers a large number of mutual fund MORE

Industrial Broker

Business / Real Estate / Industrial Broker: A real estate broker who specializes in brokering industrial real estate. MORE

Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES)

Business / Finance / Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES): A broker who buys and sells securities for institutional investors such as banks, and mutual funds, pensions. MORE

Insurance Broker

Business / Finance / Insurance Broker: The insurance company representative and adviser who sells insurance policies. MORE

Introducing Broker (IB)

Business / Taxes / Introducing Broker (IB): An introducing broker (IB) is a person or firm that takes orders to buy or sell futures contracts from clients and passes those orders to a futures commission merchant (FCM) for execution. Payment is MORE

Independent Broker

Business / Finance / Independent Broker: A certified public accountant operating outside the company who can provide an accountant's opinion. MORE