Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Business / Real Estate / Attractive Nuisance Doctrine: An owner has a duty to reasonably protect children from injury when his or her property is likely to attract children.

Other Words for Attractive

Attractive Adjective Synonyms: attracting, drawing, pulling, captivating, taking, fetching, appealing, luring, inviting, enticing, seductive, inviting, engaging, charming, interesting, pleasing, winning, alluring, good-looking, pretty, handsome

Other Words for Doctrine

Doctrine Verb Synonyms: teaching, body of instruction, precept, principle, tenet, dogma, article of faith, canon, conviction, creed, belief, credo, opinion, idea, concept, theory, proposition, thesis, postulate

Other Words for Nuisance

Nuisance Verb Synonyms: annoyance, inconvenience, trial, ordeal, burden, irritation, irritant, thorn in the flesh or side, difficulty, bother, bur under the saddle, pain (in the neck or rear), headache, hassle, pain in the butt
Nuisance Noun Synonyms: bore, pest, nag, tease, tormentor or tormenter

Nuisance Bloom

Science / Marine Biology / Nuisance Bloom: A rapid increase of one or only a few species of phytoplankton, resulting in densities high enough to cause discoloration of the surface water, possible increase of toxins, and degradation of water qu MORE


Business / Real Estate / Nuisance: That which annoys and disturbs one in possession of his or her property, rendering its ordinary use physically uncomfortable. MORE

Parens Patriae Doctrine

Life Style / Adoption / Parens Patriae Doctrine : Originating in feudal England, a doctrine that vests in the state a right of guardianship of minors. This concept has gradually evolved into the principle that the community, in addition to the parent MORE

Petrine Doctrine

Entertainment / Literature / Petrine Doctrine: Roman Catholics (and pretty much all medieval Christians in western Europe) have traditionally believed the Petrine doctrine. The Petrine doctrine is the belief that Saint Peter was given special auth MORE

Right-To-Farm Laws (Nuisance)

Business / Agriculture / Right-To-Farm Laws (Nuisance): Right to farm laws deny nuisance suits against farmers who use accepted and standard farming practices, even if these practices harm or bother adjacent property owners or the general public. Agricultu MORE

Mutual Exclusion Doctrine

Business / Finance / Mutual Exclusion Doctrine: The tenet that rules municipal bond interest is federal tax-free. In return for this federal tax exemption, states and localities cannot tax interest generated by federal government securities. MORE