Automatic Extension

Business / Real Estate / Automatic Extension: A clause in a listing agreement that states that the agreement will continue automatically for a certain period of time after its expiration date. In many states, use of this clause is discouraged or prohibited.

Other Words for Automatic

Automatic Adjective Synonyms: self-acting, self-governing, self-regulating, mechanical, robot, automated

Other Words for Extension

Extension Noun Synonyms: addendum, addition, annexe, wing, adjunct, ell, appendage, appendix, supplement
Extension Verb Synonyms: stretching, expansion, increase, enlargement, augmentation, development, amplification, broadening, widening, lengthening, spread, spreading

Extension Bellows

Entertainment / Photography / Extension Bellows: Device used to provide the additional separation between lens and film required for close-up photography. MORE

Extension Date

Business / Finance / Extension Date: Voluntary arrangements to restructure a firm's debt, under which the payment date is postponed. MORE

Extension Of Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Extension Of Benefits: When a person's coverage is extended under certain conditions, such as disability, after their group health coverage would otherwise have ended. MORE

Extension Service

Business / Agriculture / Extension Service: Refers to a nationwide continuing education system that is based on the academic programs of the land grant colleges of agriculture (see Cooperative Extension System). The term also is the former name MORE


Business / Finance / Extension: Note with maturity that can be extended by mutual agreement between the issuer and investors. MORE

Double Extension

Entertainment / Photography / Double Extension: Characteristic of large format cameras which enables the bellows to be extended to twice that of the focal length of the lens in use. It is used for close-up photography.- MORE