Best-Faith Estimate

Business / Real Estate / Best-Faith Estimate: The acquisition cost is the purchase price plus a best-faith estimate of all settlement costs.

Other Words for Estimate

Estimate Adjective Synonyms: consider, think, believe, guess, conjecture, judge
Estimate Noun Synonyms: approximate, gauge, determine, judge, guess, assess, appraise, value, evaluate, reckon, calculate, work out, guesstimate
Estimate Verb Synonyms: approximation, gauge, guess, conjecture, assessment, appraisal, evaluation, reckoning, calculation, guesstimate

Good Faith Estimate

Business / Loan / Good Faith Estimate: This document lists the estimated fees you will have to pay to get the loan. It also identifies who is expected to provide services and receive fees in connection with your loan, such as credit bureau MORE

Estimated Sellers Proceeds

Business / Real Estate / Estimated Sellers Proceeds: An estimate of the net amount an owner will receive from the sale of his or her property. An Estimated Sellers Proceeds form is filled out by the listing broker and calculates the proceeds based on th MORE

Good-Faith Estimate

Business / Real Estate / Good-Faith Estimate: A preliminary accounting of expected closing costs. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires the lender to promptly give loan applicants a good-faith estimate of closing costs. MORE

Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES)

Business / Finance / Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES): A broker who buys and sells securities for institutional investors such as banks, and mutual funds, pensions. MORE

Universe Estimate (UE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Universe Estimate (UE): The population chosen for a research study. The estimated number of actual households or people from which the sample will be taken and to which data will be projected. MORE

Estimated Flying Time

Life Style / Travel / Estimated Flying Time: The estimated flying time between the city of departure and destination or connecting points. MORE