Blue-Sky Provision

Business / Real Estate / Blue-Sky Provision: Requiring full disclosure of all risks in a limited partnership solicitation under the Uniform Partnership Act.

Other Words for Provision

Provision Noun Synonyms: providing, supplying, furnishing, catering, victualling, provisioning, purveyance, purveying, furnishing, equipping, fitting out, outfitting, accoutrement, equipment

Provisional Call Feature

Business / Finance / Provisional Call Feature: A stipulation in a convertible issue that allows the issuer to call the issue during the noncall period if the price of the stock reaches a certain level. In the case of convertible securities, right MORE

Provisional Ball

Entertainment / Golf / Provisional Ball: (also 'provisional') an additional shot played in a situation where it is believed that the original ball may be out of bounds or lost (the shot is played before leaving the area of the original shot) MORE

Provision For Income Taxes

Business / Finance / Provision For Income Taxes: An amount on the P & I statement that estimates a company's total income tax liability for the year. MORE

Porcupine Provision

Business / Finance / Porcupine Provision: Often used in risk arbitrage. See: Shark repellent. MORE


Business / Accounting / Provisions: One or more accounts set up to account for expected future payments (eg. where a business is expecting a bill, but hasn't yet received it). MORE

Put Provision

Business / Finance / Put Provision: Gives the holder of a floating-rate bond the right to redeem the note at par on the coupon payment date. MORE