Buying Motives

Business / Real Estate / Buying Motives: Ownership of real estate satisfies certain basic human needs. These needs are what motivate a person to purchase real property. They include: comfort and convenience, desire for profit, pride of ownership, and security.

Management Buying

Business / Finance / Management Buying: The acquisition of a controlling interest in a promising business by an outside investment group that retains existing management and places representatives on the board of directors. MORE

Panic Buying Or Selling

Business / Finance / Panic Buying Or Selling: Rapid trading of stocks or bonds in high volume in anticipation of sharply rising or falling prices, usually after unexpected news is released. MORE

Protective Put Buying Strategy

Business / Finance / Protective Put Buying Strategy: A strategy that involves buying a put option on the underlying security that is held in a portfolio. Related: Hedge option strategies. MORE

Vacation Buying-Selling-Trading

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Vacation Buying-Selling-Trading: A program that allows employees to buy additional vacation time from another employee or sell additional time they may have available to another employee. Some programs also allow for trading of futur MORE

Buying The Index

Business / Finance / Buying The Index: Purchasing the stocks in the S&P 500 in the same proportion as the index to achieve the same return. MORE

Buying Signals

Business / Real Estate / Buying Signals: Words, actions or facial expressions that signal a prospects readiness to buy. MORE