Business / Real Estate / Capping: The process at of laying two to four feet of soil over the top of a landfill site and then planting vegetation to prevent erosion and enhance the landfills aesthetic value.

Capping Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Capping Shutter: Extra shutter used in some medium format cameras or in conjunction with a group of extreme high speed shutters. MORE

Developmental Disability

Life Style / Adoption / Developmental Disability: Any handicapping condition related to delays in maturation of or difficulties with skills or intellect. MORE


Science / Geology / Atoll: A ring-shaped group of coral islands that are surrounded by deep ocean water and that enclose a shallow lagoon. MORE

Highly Stratified Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Highly Stratified Estuary: An estuary having a distinct surface layer of fresh or very-low-salinity water, capping a deeper layer of higher salinity, more oceanic water MORE