Business / Real Estate / Caps: Yearly and/or life-of-loan limitations on the amount of variation allowed when adjusting interest on variable-rate loans.

Rally Caps

Entertainment / Baseball / Rally Caps: A term for a superstitious practice among players and fans alike that turn their caps inside out and/or backwards in a close game in the hopes of getting their team hitting. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Screwcaps: The new alternative to sealing a wine with cork which, in case you hadn't realised, is tree bark. Another alternative is to use a synthetic cork. Why? Because cork, being a biological material, cannot MORE


Science / Biology / Capsule: 1. Structure produced around certain bacteria; 2. Structure produced by the bryophyte sporophyte that contains spores produced by meiosis. MORE


Science / Biology / Capsid: The protein shell of a free virus particle. This definition is from the Glossary at the UCMP site at MORE

Convertible Adjustable Preferred Stock (Caps)

Business / Finance / Convertible Adjustable Preferred Stock (Caps): Goldman Sachs index of the 100 convertibles of greatest institutional importance. Weighted by issue size, it measures the performance of its components against that of their underlying common stock an MORE

Cayenne (Capsicum annum)

Health / Herbs / Cayenne (Capsicum annum): A blood purifier, lowers blood cholesterol levels, helps reduce blood pressure, improves circulation and respiration. MORE