Business / Real Estate / Care: The agent must exercise a reasonable degree of care while transacting the business entrusted to him or her by the principal. The principal expects the agents skill and expertise in real estate matters to be superior to that of the average person. The most fundamental way in which the agent exercises care is to use that skill and knowledge on the principals behalf. The agent should know all facts pertinent to the principals affairs, such as the physical characteristics of the property being transferred and the type of financing being used.

Other Words for Care

Care Verb Synonyms: be concerned, trouble oneself, feel interest, worry, fret, trouble, mind
Care Noun Synonyms: anxiety, worry, trouble, anguish, disquiet, distress, grief, sorrow, dolour, sadness, suffering, misery, woe, tribulation

Care Management

Health / Dentistry / Care Management: A generic term which has been used in many different ways. Used by CIGNA, 'Care Management' refers to a CIGNA HealthCare initiative that takes a global approach to medical care from prevention through MORE

Ambulatory Care

Health / Dentistry / Ambulatory Care: A general term for care that doesn't involve admission to an inpatient hospital bed. Visits to a doctor's office are a type of ambulatory care. Ambulatory Surgery MORE

Home Health Care

Health / Dentistry / Home Health Care: Health services rendered in the home to an individual who is confined to the home. Such services are provided to individuals who do not need institutional care, but who need nursing services or therap MORE