Business / Real Estate / Casualty: Casualty insurance policies include coverage against theft, burglary, vandalism and machinery damage as well as health and accident insurance. Casualty policies are usually written on specific risks, such as theft, rather than being all-inclusive.

Other Words for Casualty

Casualty Noun Synonyms: disaster, catastrophe, calamity, accident, mischance, misadventure, mishap

Casualty Loss

Business / Finance / Casualty Loss: The amount an insurance company will pay if the policyholder tende4s or cashes in a whole life insurance policy. MORE


Business / Finance / Casualty-Insurance: A financial loss caused by damage, destruction, or loss of property as a result of an unexpected or unusual event. MORE

Multiperil Policies

Business / Real Estate / Multiperil Policies: Many insurance companies offer multiperil policies for apartment and commercial buildings. Such a policy offers the property manager an insurance package that includes standard types of commercial cov MORE

Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Technology / Motors / Underwriters Laboratory (UL): An independent testing organization which examines and tests devices, systems and materials with particular reference to life, fire and casualty hazards. It develops standards for motor and control fo MORE

The Troubles

Entertainment / Literature / The Troubles: A period of social unrest in Northern Ireland during the 1970s that profoundly influenced Irish poetry and writings. See for an example Seamus Heaney's 'Casualty.' MORE


Business / Finance / Institutionalization: The number of financial institutions, e.g. investment companies, fire, casualty, and life insurance companies, holding the stock. MORE