Business / Real Estate / Client: The person who employs an agent to perform a service for a fee. In traditional real estate brokerage, the client is the seller, and the buyer is the prospect or customer. In modern practice, more and more buyers are seeking representation as a client. Dual agency occurs when a broker represents the seller and the buyer as clients.

Other Words for Client

Client Noun Synonyms: customer, patron, shopper, patient

Web Client

Technology / Computers / Web Client: When using a web browser to display web pages hosted by a web server, your computer would be acting as a web client. MORE

Thin Client

Technology / Computers / Thin Client: Typically, a Thin Client will have little or no software installed and does not recieve its information through a hard drive but rather from servers in a network. Since a Thin Client assumes the prese MORE


Technology / Computers / Client-Server: A network type where every computer is either a server with the role of sharing resources with clients or a client that can access the resources on the server. MORE