Commercial Acre

Business / Real Estate / Commercial Acre: A commercial acre is that portion of an acre of newly subdivided land remaining after dedication for streets, sidewalks, parks and so on.

Crop Acreage Base

Business / Agriculture / Crop Acreage Base: A crop-specific measure equal to the average number of acres planted (or considered planted) to a particular program crop for the previous five years. The sum of the crop acreage bases for all program MORE

Contract Acreage

Business / Agriculture / Contract Acreage: Enrolled 1996 commodity base acreage under the FAIR Act of 1996 for wheat, feed grains, upland cotton, and rice (generally fixed for 1996 through 2002). A farmer may voluntarily choose to reduce contr MORE

Environmental Conservation Acreage Reserve Program (ECARP)

Business / Agriculture / Environmental Conservation Acreage Reserve Program (ECARP): An umbrella program authorized by the FACT Act of 1990 that includes the Conservation Reserve Program, and the Wetland Reserve Program. The FAIR Act of 1996 continues the CRP and WRP and creates the E MORE

Euro-Commercial Paper

Business / Finance / Euro-Commercial Paper: One of two principal clearing systems in the Eurobond market. It began operations in 1968, is located in Brussels, and is managed by Morgan Guaranty Bank. Applies mainly to international equities. Eur MORE

Failed Acreage

Business / Agriculture / Failed Acreage: Tracts of properly-planted and managed crops that did not grow or were destroyed due to a natural disaster. Failed acreage is eligible for indemnification if covered by the federal crop insurance prog MORE

Conserving Use Acreage

Business / Agriculture / Conserving Use Acreage: Farmland diverted from crop production to an approved cultural practice that prevents erosion or other degradation. Though crops are not produced, conserving use is considered an agricultural use of t MORE