Commercial Bank

Business / Real Estate / Commercial Bank: A financial institution designed to act as a safe depository and lender for many commercial activities (usually short-term loans or lines of credit). Commercial banks rely heavily on demand deposits--checking accounts--for their basic supply of loanable funds, although they also receive capital from savings accounts, loans from other banks, short-term loan interest and the equity invested by their owners.

Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLB)

Business / Real Estate / Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLB): Regulates the nations savings and loan associations, much like the Federal Reserve governs the commercial banking industry. MORE

Mortgage Banker

Business / Finance / Mortgage Banker: A company or individual that originates mortgage loans and sells them to investors, while taking care of borrowers' loan payments, records, taxes, and insurance. MORE

Nonbank Banks

Business / Taxes / Nonbank Banks: Nonbank banks, also called limited-service banks, offer some but not all of the services of a traditional commercial bank. They're typically owned by companies, including insurance companies, brokerag MORE