Common Elements

Business / Real Estate / Common Elements: Parts of a property that are necessary or convenient to the existence, maintenance and safety of a condominium or are normally in common use by all of the condominium residents. Each condominium owner has an undivided ownership interest in the common elements.

Other Words for Common

Common Noun Synonyms: ordinary, everyday, commonplace, prosaic,ual, familiar, customary, prevalent, frequent, run-of-the-mill, general, normal, standard, conventional, regular, routine, stock, average, proverbial, plain, simple, garden-variety, common or garden
Common Adjective Synonyms: mutual, reciprocal, joint, shared

Other Words for Elements

Elements Noun Synonyms: (adverse or unfavourable) weather, climatic conditions

Common Interest

Business / Real Estate / Common Interest: The percentage of undivided ownership in the common elements belonging to each condominium apartment, as established in the condominium declaration. MORE

Common-Size Analysis

Business / Finance / Common-Size Analysis: The representing of accounting information over multiple years as percentages of amounts in an initial year. MORE

Common-Size Statement

Business / Finance / Common-Size Statement: The representing of balance sheet items as percentages of assets and of income statement items as percentages of sales. MORE


Business / Finance / Common-Sized: A statement in which all items are expressed as a percentage of a base figure, useful for purposes of analyzing trends and changing relationship among financial statement items. For example, all items MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Commonization: The linguistic term for an eponym--a common word that is derived from the proper name of a person or place. For instance, the sandwich gained its name from its inventor, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. T MORE

Common-Base-Year Analysis

Business / Finance / Common-Base-Year Analysis: Value of outstanding common shares at par, plus accumulated retained earnings. Also called shareholders' equity. MORE