Compensating Factors

Business / Real Estate / Compensating Factors: Positive factors in an individuals credit history which offset negative factors. Compensating factors increase the possiblity that a borrowers loan application will be approved.

Critical Success Factors

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Critical Success Factors: The key items that must be met in order to successfully achieve a specific objective. MORE

Density-Dependent Factors

Science / Marine Biology / Density-Dependent Factors: Factors, such as resource availability, that vary with population density MORE

Protective Factors

Life Style / Adoption / Protective Factors: Strengths and resources that appear to mediate or serve as a 'buffer' against risk factors that contribute to vulnerability to maltreatment or against the negative effects of maltreatment experiences. MORE

Risk Factors

Life Style / Adoption / Risk Factors: Behaviors and conditions present in the child, parent or family that will likely contribute to child maltreatment occurring in the future. MORE

Conversion Factors

Business / Finance / Conversion Factors: In the context of securities, refers to the exchange of a convertible security such as a bond into stock. In the context of mutual funds, refers to the free exchange of mutual fund shares from one fun MORE

Compensating Positive

Entertainment / Photography / Compensating Positive: Image on translucent material that can be printed together with the negative of the same image. When combined the result makes printing contrasty negatives easier. MORE