Business / Real Estate / Concession: Discount given to prospective tenants by landlords to induce them to sign a lease. Concessions are frequently encountered in commercial leases, where landlords may give the first two months rent free or provide an allowance to the tenant for renovating or customizing the demised space. A purchaser of a commercial or income-producing property should check all existing leases to see if there are any lease concessions that would reduce the amount of rent receivable in the future (such as free cable TV or one months free rent per year for the term of the lease). If so, the value of these concessions should be computed to reduce the amount of contract rent specified. An estoppel certificate should also be obtained from the tenant. Some state laws require concessions to be noted on a lease by special wording. Concessions are negotiable points in a lease that are resolved in favor of the prospective tenant. Another example in leasing a new office building is the owners assumption of the lessees remaining obligation under the lessees existing lease in another building.

Concessional (Export) Sale

Business / Agriculture / Concessional (Export) Sale: A sale in which a foreign buyer is allowed loan payment terms that are more favorable than those obtainable in the commercial market. Under P.L. 480, the concessional provisions (compared to the comme MORE

Selling Concession

Business / Finance / Selling Concession: The discount underwriters offer the selling group on securities in a new issue. MORE

Concession Agreement

Business / Finance / Concession Agreement: The per-share or per-bond compensation of a selling group for participating in a corporate underwriting. MORE