Business / Real Estate / Condemnation: A judicial or administrative proceeding to exercise the power of eminent domain, through which a government agency takes private property for public use and compensates the owner.

Easement By Condemnation

Business / Real Estate / Easement By Condemnation: An easement created by the government or government agency that has exercised its right under eminent domain. MORE

Inverse Condemnation

Business / Real Estate / Inverse Condemnation: A property owner forcing a government to take a property by eminent domain when that governments actions resulted in the owners inability to use the property. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Taking: The concept of taking comes from the Takings clause of the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution. The clause reads, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compens MORE

Eminent Domain

Business / Real Estate / Eminent Domain: The right of the government to acquire title to property for public use by condemnation, the property owner receives compensation which is generally fair market value. MORE

Victorian Period

Entertainment / Literature / Victorian Period: The period of British literature in the late nineteenth century. The date of the period is often given as 1837-1901--the years Queen Victoria ruled the expanding British Empire. Alternatively, the dat MORE

Humility Topos

Entertainment / Literature / Humility Topos: A common rhetorical strategy in which an author or speaker feigns ignorance or pretends to be less clever or less intelligent than he or she really is. Often donning such a persona allows a writer, po MORE