Business / Real Estate / Conduits: A party that purchases loans from one lender and resells the loans to investors.

Mortgage-Backed Security

Business / Taxes / Mortgage-Backed Security: Mortgage-backed securities are created when the sponsor buys up mortgages from lenders, pools them, and packages them for sale to the public, a process known as securitization. The securities are avai MORE


Technology / Rockets / Plumbing: Refers to tubing and hoses used as conduits for propellants and pressurants in a liquid or hybrid propulsion system. MORE

Confidence Indicator

Business / Finance / Confidence Indicator: A theory that because investment companies are merely conduits for capital gains, dividends, and interest, which are in fact passed through to shareholders, the investment company should not be taxed MORE

Conveyance Loss

Business / Agriculture / Conveyance Loss: Water loss in pipes, channels, conduits, ditches by leakage or evaporation. MORE