Business / Real Estate / Conformity: The appraisal principle that holds that the greater the similarity among properties in an area, the better they will hold their value.


Science / Geology / Unconformity: A surface that separates two strata. It represents an interval of time in which deposition stopped, erosion removed some sediments and rock, and then deposition resumed (see also Angular unconformity MORE

Angular Unconformity

Science / Geology / Angular Unconformity: An erosional surface that separates rock units of differing dips. The rocks below the surface were deposited, deformed and eroded. The younger rocks above then accumulated upon the erosional surface. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Idiolect: The language or speech pattern unique to one individual at a particular period of his or her life. Because no total conformity in pronunciation is possible, each individual has a slightly different wa MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Puritan: Most familiar to modern Americans as the religious denomination of the Mayflower colonists, the Puritans were a Protestant sect particularly active during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In a MORE

Unstabilized Display (Heading-Upward)

Technology / Radar / Unstabilized Display (Heading-Upward): A ppi display in which the orientation of the relative motion presentation is set to ship's heading and, thus, changes with changes in ship's heading. In this heading upward display, radar echoes are MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Transcendentalism: Transcendentalism is an American philosophical, religious, and literary movement roughly equivalent to the Romantic movement in England (see Romanticism). The transcendentalist philosophy is not syste MORE