Constructive Eviction

Business / Real Estate / Constructive Eviction: Actions of a landlord that so materially disturb or impair a tenants enjoyment of the leased premises that the tenant is effectively forced to move out and terminate the lease without liability for any further rent.

Other Words for Constructive

Constructive Verb Synonyms: helpful,eful, practicable, advantageous, practical, productive, beneficial, positive
Constructive Adjective Synonyms: virtual, inferential, implicit, inferred, derived, deduced

Other Words for Eviction

Eviction Verb Synonyms: ouster, dispossession, dislodgement, expulsion, ejection, removal, disseisin or disseizin, the boot

Constructive Receipt

Business / Finance / Constructive Receipt: A short-term loan to finance building costs. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Eviction: 1. The legal process of removing a tenant from the premises as a result of a breach of a lease. 2. The distrubance of a tenants enjoyment of any material part of a leased premises by an act of the lan MORE

Retaliatory Eviction

Business / Real Estate / Retaliatory Eviction: An eviction due to a tenants complaints to the landlord, a public agency or tenant association. It is illegal for a landlord to decrease services, increase rent or evict the tenant within 180 days of MORE

Constructive Notice

Business / Real Estate / Constructive Notice: Notice given to the world by recorded documents. All people are charged with knowledge of such documents and their contents, whether or not they have actually examined them. Possession of property is MORE

Constructive Interference

Science / Chemistry / Constructive Interference: When the peaks and troughs of two interfering waves match, the amplitudes add to give the resultant wave a higher amplitude. MORE

Constructive Discharge

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Constructive Discharge: Occurs when a manager/supervisor or employer makes working conditions so unbearable or abusive that a reasonable person believes that resignation is the only appropriate action to take. MORE