Constructive Receipt

Business / Real Estate / Constructive Receipt: Control of the cash proceeds in a delayed exchange without actual physical possession by the exchanger or his or her agent.

Other Words for Constructive

Constructive Verb Synonyms: helpful,eful, practicable, advantageous, practical, productive, beneficial, positive
Constructive Adjective Synonyms: virtual, inferential, implicit, inferred, derived, deduced

Other Words for Receipt

Receipt Verb Synonyms: sales receipt, register receipt, sales slip, ticket, stub, counterfoil, proof of purchase, voucher

Global Depository Receipt

Business / Finance / Global Depository Receipt: Bonds designed to qualify for immediate trading in any domestic capital market and in the Euromarket. MORE

Global Depositary Receipt (GDR)

Business / Taxes / Global Depositary Receipt (GDR): To raise money in more than one market, some corporations use global depositary receipts (GDRs) to sell their stock on markets in countries other than the one where they have their headquarters. The G MORE

Escrow Receipt

Business / Finance / Escrow Receipt: Property or money held by a third party until the agreed upon obligations of a contract are met. MORE

International Depository Receipt (IDR)

Business / Finance / International Depository Receipt (IDR): A receipt issued by a bank as evidence of ownership of one or more shares of the underlying stock of a foreign corporation that the bank holds in trust. The advantage of the IDR structure is that the MORE


Business / Accounting / Receipt: A term typically used to describe confirmation of a payment - if you buy some petrol you will normally ask for a receipt to prove that the money was spent legitimately. MORE

Warehouse Receipt

Business / Agriculture / Warehouse Receipt: A document certifying possession of a commodity in a licensed warehouse. Some warehouse receipts are recognized for delivery purposes by a commodity futures exchange. MORE