Business / Real Estate / Coping: 1. The tile around the outer edge of a swimming pool at the water line. 2. The flat portion at the top of a parapet wall rising above the roof line of a building.

Telescoping Gage

Business / Machine Shop / Telescoping Gage: A T-shaped gage used to measure the diameter or width of holes. MORE

Coping Mechanisms

Science / Psychiatry / Coping Mechanisms: Ways of adjusting to environmental stress without altering ones goals or purposes; includes both conscious and unconscious mechanisms. MORE

Back Runs

Life Style / Painting / Back Runs: When your fresh brush stroke hits a still damp wash it will force the original wash out in a irregular, often fractal manner. This can totally screw up what you are intending to do, unless you do it i MORE

Steering Damper

Technology / Motorcycle / Steering Damper: In order to prevent or minimize the front wheel from oscillating left and right over varied or bumpy pavement, some street motorcycles utilize a steering damper. On most bikes, this is simply a hydrau MORE

Food Security

Business / Agriculture / Food Security: Access by all people at all times to enough food for an active healthy life. Food security at a minimum includes the ready availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food, and an assured ability MORE