Credit Loan

Business / Real Estate / Credit Loan: A mortgage issued upon the financial strength of a borrower, without regard for collateral.

Other Words for Credit

Credit Noun Synonyms: belief, faith, trust, credence
Credit Verb Synonyms: ascribe, acknowledge, attribute, assign, impute

Other Words for Loan

Loan Verb Synonyms: advance, allowance, credit, accommodation

Marketing Loan Repayment Provisions

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Loan Repayment Provisions: A loan settlement provision, first authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985, that allows producers to repay nonrecourse loans at less than the announced loan rates whenever the world price or loan MORE

Marketing Assistance Loans

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Assistance Loans: Nonrecourse loans made available to producers of wheat, feed grains, upland and ELS cotton, rice, soybeans, and minor oilseeds under the Agricultural Market Transition Act provisions in the FAIR Act o MORE

Low-Doc Or No-Doc Loan

Business / Real Estate / Low-Doc Or No-Doc Loan: Loans that require little or no documentation regarding the borrowers income, assets or liabilities. Because of the higher perceived risk, these loans will usually require a larger down payment, highe MORE

Mobile-Home Loan

Business / Real Estate / Mobile-Home Loan: A mortgage loan on a large mobile-home, usually drawn for a shorter term than conventional mortgages. MORE

Mohair Recourse Loan Program

Business / Agriculture / Mohair Recourse Loan Program: A program authorized by the emergency provisions of the FY1999 USDA appropriations act (P.L. 105-277, October 21, 1998) that makes interest-free recourse loans of $2.00 per pound on mohair produced pr MORE

Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement

Business / Real Estate / Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement: Borrower disclosure mandated by Article 7 of the Real Estate Law. MORE