Business / Real Estate / Creditor: The person to whom a debtor owes a debt or obligation, a lender.

Unsecured Creditor

Business / Debt / Unsecured Creditor: A creditor who does not hold security (such as a mortgage) for money owed. MORE

Creditors Committee

Business / Finance / Creditors Committee: Lender of money. MORE


Business / Accounting / Creditors: A list of suppliers to whom the business owes money. MORE

Best-Interests-Of-Creditors Test

Business / Finance / Best-Interests-Of-Creditors Test: The requirement that a claim holder voting against a plan of reorganization must receive at least as much as if the debtor were liquidated. MORE

Creditors (Control Account)

Business / Accounting / Creditors (Control Account): An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Purchase Ledger. MORE

Bad Debt

Business / Accounting / Bad Debt: An uncollectible account receivable. MORE