Business / Real Estate / Customer: A prospective buyer of real estate. Not to be confused with a property seller, who is the listing brokers client.

Other Words for Customer

Customer Noun Synonyms: chap, fellow, character, person, guy, bloke
Customer Adjective Synonyms: client, patron, buyer, purchaser, consumer

Know Your Customer

Business / Finance / Know Your Customer: An ethical foundation of securities brokers that an adviser who recommends the purchase or sale of any security to a customer, must believe that the recommendation is suitable for the customer, given MORE

Customer Acquisition Cost

Technology / Cell Phones / Customer Acquisition Cost: The average cost to a carrier of signing up an individual subscriber. Some of the factors included in the cost are handset subsidies, marketing, advertising and promotions. MORE

Customer Information Control System (CICS)

Technology / Computers / Customer Information Control System (CICS): Customer Information Control System. A general purpose IBM mainframe-based transaction management system. CICS is one of IBM's most widely used database - data communications subsystems. MORE

Customers Loan Consent

Business / Finance / Customers Loan Consent: Customer is firm on price and has set the price at which to transact. MORE

Customers Net Debit Balance

Business / Finance / Customers Net Debit Balance: Agreement signed by a margin customer that allows a broker to borrow margined securities up to the level of the customer's debit balance to help cover other customers' short positions. MORE

Customer Picking Prices

Business / Finance / Customer Picking Prices: A range of payout ratios that is typical according to an analysis of comparable firms. MORE