Business / Real Estate / Debtor: One who owes money, a borrower, a maker of a note, a mortgagor.

Debtor-In-Possession Financing

Business / Finance / Debtor-In-Possession Financing: A firm that continues to operate under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. MORE


Business / Accounting / Debtors: A list of customers who owe money to the business. MORE

Debtor In Possession

Business / Finance / Debtor In Possession: Borrower of money. MORE

Debtors (Control Account)

Business / Accounting / Debtors (Control Account): An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Sales Ledger. MORE

Abstract Of Judgment

Business / Real Estate / Abstract Of Judgment: A full summary by the court of a judgment. It becomes a general lien on all of a debtors property in the county where it is recorded. MORE

Accord And Satisfaction

Business / Real Estate / Accord And Satisfaction: The settlement of an obligation. An accord is an agreement by a creditor to accept less than bargained for from a debtor. The creditors acceptance of the accord constitutes satisfaction of the debt. MORE