Business / Real Estate / Dedication: The voluntary transfer of private property by its owner to the public for some public use, such as for streets or schools. deed A written instrument that, when executed and delivered, conveys title to or an interest in real estate.

Other Words for Dedication

Dedication Verb Synonyms: devotion, assignment, pledge, commitment, allegiance, adherence, faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, devotedness, wholeheartedness, single-mindedness, fixedness, fealty
Dedication Noun Synonyms: inscription, address, message

Dedication Strategy

Business / Finance / Dedication Strategy: Related: Cash flow matching MORE


Life Style / Holiday / Chanukah: The Jewish festival of Chanukah falls around the time of the winter solstice and is often called The Festival of Lights. It is celebrated by lighting special candles each day at sundown. Chanukah comm MORE

Commercial Acre

Business / Real Estate / Commercial Acre: A commercial acre is that portion of an acre of newly subdivided land remaining after dedication for streets, sidewalks, parks and so on. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hallel: (Hebrew, 'celebrate,' possibly adopted as a loanword from Eblaite) A hymn of praise, specifically in Psalms 113-18, each of which is headed with the plural imperative verb, Hallelujah. The hallel was MORE

Balsamic Phase

Science / Astrology / Balsamic Phase: When a more quickly orbiting planet trails a planet with a slower orbit and appears to 'catch up' with the slower body, and the planets are within 45 degrees of one another in their orbital cycles, as MORE