Business / Real Estate / Deed: A written instrument, when executed and delivered, conveys title to or an interest in real estate.

Other Words for Deed

Deed Noun Synonyms: act, action, performance

Deed Of Reconveyance

Business / Real Estate / Deed Of Reconveyance: A document used to transfer legal title from the trustee back to the borrower (trustor) after a debt secured by a deed of trust has been paid to the lender (beneficiary). MORE

Trustees Deed

Business / Real Estate / Trustees Deed: A deed executed by a trustee conveying land held in a trust. MORE

Special Warranty Deed

Business / Real Estate / Special Warranty Deed: A deed in which the grantor warrants or guarantees the title only against defects arising during the period of his or her tenure and ownership of the property and not against defects existing before t MORE

Deed Of Trust

Business / Loan / Deed Of Trust: In some states loans are secured by means of a document called a deed of trust, instead of a mortgage document. MORE

Sheriffs Deed

Business / Real Estate / Sheriffs Deed: The deed given after a sheriffs sale. MORE

Blanket Trust Deed

Business / Real Estate / Blanket Trust Deed: A trust deed secured by several properties or a number of lots. A blanket mortgage is often used to secure construction financing for proposed subdivisions or condominium development projects. The dev MORE