Business / Real Estate / Demand: The amount of goods people are willing and able to buy at a given price, often coupled with supply.

Other Words for Demand

Demand Verb Synonyms: claim, ask (for), require, insist on, exact
Demand Noun Synonyms: require, order, bid, call (for), insist, command

Price Elasticity Of Demand

Business / Agriculture / Price Elasticity Of Demand: The relationship between the change in the price of a commodity and the corresponding change in the quantity that is sold. If a small change in the price is accompanied by a relatively large change in MORE

Demand Loan

Business / Finance / Demand Loan: A bank line of credit that enables a customer to borrow on a daily or on-demand basis. MORE

Demand Line Of Credit

Business / Finance / Demand Line Of Credit: Checking accounts that pay no interest and from which funds can be withdrawn upon demand. MORE

Demand-Pull Inflation

Business / Finance / Demand-Pull Inflation: An event that affects the demand for goods and services in an economy. MORE

Demand Management

Health / Health Insurance / Demand Management: The use of strategies designed to reduce the overall demand for and use of healthcare services, including any benefit offered by a plan that encourages preventive care, wellness, member self-care, and MORE

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Business / Agriculture / Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): A measure of the amount of oxygen consumed by natural, biological processes that break down organic matter, such as those that take place when manure or sawdust is put in water. High levels of oxygen- MORE