Business / Real Estate / Devise: A transfer of real property under a will. The donor is the devisor, and the recipient is the devisee.

Other Words for Devise

Devise Adjective Synonyms: concoct, make up, conceive, scheme, contrive, dream up, design, draft, frame, form, formulate, plan, arrange, work out, think up, originate, invent, create, cook up
Devise Verb Synonyms: bequeath, will, convey, hand down, give, assign, dispose of, transfer, bestow

Inheritance Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Inheritance Taxes: An estate tax imposed by the state on heirs for their right to inherit property. The tax is not levied on the property itself, but rather on the heirs for their right to acquire the property by succes MORE

Joint Tenancy

Business / Construction / Joint Tenancy: A form of ownership in which the tenants own a property equally. If one dies, the other automatically inherits the entire property. MORE

Callippic Cycle

Science / Tides and Currents / Callippic Cycle: A period of four Metonic cycles equal to 76 Julian years, or 27,759 days. Devised by Callippus, a Greek astronomer, about 350 B.C., as a suggested improvement on the Metonic cycle for a period in whic MORE


Entertainment / Photography / ASA: Original system of rating photographic materials, which was devised by the american standards association. The iso rating system is now used in place of the asa. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / ANSI: Speed rating system for photographic materials devised by the american national standards institute. MORE

Nuat Thai

Health / Massage / Nuat Thai: This form of traditional Thai medical massage originated in the Vajrayana Yogic medicine of Tibet. Translated and creatively adapted to the needs of the modern West by Anthony B. James, phd, Nuat Thai MORE