Business / Real Estate / Dump: A land site where wastes are discarded in a disorderly or haphazard fashion without regard to protecting the environment. Uncontrolled dumping is an indiscriminate and illegal form of waste disposal. Problems associated with dumps include multiplication of disease-carrying organisms and pests, fires, air and water pollution, unsightliness, loss of habitat, and personal injury.

Other Words for Dump

Dump Verb Synonyms: get rid of, throw away, scrap, discard, ditch, jettison, dispose of, reject, tip, toss out or away, junk, chuck out or away
Dump Noun Synonyms: unload, offload, empty, drop, deposit, throw or fling down, tip

Pump And Dump

Business / Taxes / Pump And Dump: In a pump and dump scheme, a scam artist manipulates the stock market by buying shares of a low-cost stock and then artificially inflating the price by spreading rumors, typically using the Internet a MORE

Antidumping Duty

Business / Agriculture / Antidumping Duty: A duty or levy imposed under authority of Title VII of the U.S. Tariff Act of 1930. Title VII states that if the U.S. Department of Commerce determines that an imported product is being sold at less t MORE


Business / Agriculture / Dumping: Selling commodities in a foreign market at a lower price than in the domestic market. Under World Trade Organization rules, dumping occurs when the price to the importer is less than the normal price MORE