Business / Real Estate / Duress: Unlawful constraint or action exercised upon a person whereby the person is forced to perform an act against his or her will. A contract entered into under duress is voidable.

Other Words for Duress

Duress Noun Synonyms: confinement, imprisonment, incarceration, captivity, restraint, durance
Duress Adjective Synonyms: coercion, threat, pressure, constraint, compulsion, force, power

Reality Of Consent

Business / Real Estate / Reality Of Consent: Although a contract may meet all of the basic requirements, it may still be void or voidable, according to the realty of consent, which states that a contract must be entered into as a free and volunt MORE


Business / Accounting / Bankruptcy: Situation where a person files with the court to be released from debts. May entail sale of the debtor’s property and/or a court-approved plan for repayment of debts. MORE