Business / Real Estate / Egress: A way to exit from a property, the opposite of ingress.

Regressive Tax

Business / Finance / Regressive Tax: A tax system that provides that average tax rates decrease with increases in individuals' income brackets. MORE


Business / Finance / Regression: A mathematical technique used to explain and/or predict. The general form is Y = a + bX + u, where Y is the variable that we are trying to predict; X is the variable that we are using to predict Y, a MORE

Second Pass Regression

Business / Finance / Second Pass Regression: A cross-sectional regression of portfolio returns on betas. The estimated slope is the measurement of the reward for bearing systematic risk during the period analyzed. MORE


Business / Finance / Autoregressive: Using past data or variable of interest to predict future values of the same variable. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Regressive: Pressure vs Time curve in which the pressure decreases with duration. MORE

Simple Linear Regression

Business / Finance / Simple Linear Regression: A salary deduction plan for retirement benefits provided by some small companies with no more than 100 employees. MORE