Business / Real Estate / Elevations: Just as surface rights must be identified, surveyed and described, so must rights to the property above the earths surface. In the same way land may be measured and divided into parcels, the air itself may be divided. An owner may subdivide the air above his or her land into air lots. Air lots are composed of the airspace within specific boundaries located over a parcel of land.


Science / Weather / Snowpack: The amount of annual accumulation of snow at higher elevations. MORE

Sea Level

Science / Weather / Sea Level: The height or level of the sea surface at any time. It is used as a reference for elevations above and below. MORE

Mean Sea Level

Science / Weather / Mean Sea Level: The average height of the sea surface water level. For the United States, it is computed by averaging the levels of all tide stages over a nineteen year period, determined from hourly height readings MORE