Eminent Domain

Business / Real Estate / Eminent Domain: The right of the government to acquire title to property for public use by condemnation, the property owner receives compensation which is generally fair market value.

Other Words for Domain

Domain Noun Synonyms: realm, dominion, territory, property, land(s), province, kingdom, empire

Other Words for Eminent

Eminent Adjective Synonyms: conspicuous, outstanding, marked
Eminent Verb Synonyms: distinguished, esteemed, exalted, respected, revered, honoured, dignified, notable, noteworthy, important, noted, outstanding, prominent, pre-eminent, conspicuous, superior, great, illustrious, famous, renowned, well-known, celebrated


Technology / Computers / Domain: A domain is a computer, web site or network that is connected to the Internet. A typical domain name looks like this: www.5starsupport.com. The 'www' prefix signifies that it is connected to the world MORE

Email Domain

Technology / Email / Email Domain: Aka Domain. The portion of the email address to the right of the @ sign. Useful as an email address hygiene tool (e.g. identify all records where the consumer entered 'name@aol' as their email address MORE

Internet Domain Name

Business / Internet Marketing / Internet Domain Name: The unique name that identifies an Internet entity. MORE

Long Domain Name

Business / Internet Marketing / Long Domain Name: Domain names longer than the original 26 characters, up to a theoretical limit of 67 characters (including the extension, such as .com). MORE

Tracking Domain

Business / Internet Marketing / Tracking Domain: A domain specifically created to measure traffic delivered to a website. MORE

Public Domain

Technology / Television (TV) / Public Domain: Material (e.g., a piece of music) that is not copyrighted, which may be used in TV programs without paying a fee or royalty. MORE