Enabling Acts

Business / Real Estate / Enabling Acts: State legislation that confers zoning powers on municipal governments.

Securities Acts Amendments Of 1975

Business / Finance / Securities Acts Amendments Of 1975: Legislation to encourage the establishment of a national market system together with a system for nationwide clearing and settlement of securities transactions. MORE

Options Contracts

Business / Agriculture / Options Contracts: A contract traded on a commodity futures exchange that gives the buyer the right without obligation to buy or sell a futures contract over a specified time period. The FAIR Act of 1996 requires USDA t MORE

Set Of Contracts Perspective

Business / Finance / Set Of Contracts Perspective: View of corporation as a set of contracting relationships among individuals who have conflicting objectives, such as shareholders or managers. The corporation is a legal construct that serves as the n MORE

Unconscionable Contracts

Business / Real Estate / Unconscionable Contracts: An agreement that is so unfair and one-sided that the courts will refuse to honor it. MORE

Workers Compensation Acts

Business / Real Estate / Workers Compensation Acts: Laws that require an employer to obtain insurance coverage to protect his or her employees who are injured in the course of their employment. MORE

Unsafe Acts

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Unsafe Acts: Any action, such as horseplay, fighting, failing to abide by a safety rule, etc., that results in accident or injury to another. MORE