Entity Rule

Business / Real Estate / Entity Rule: Three entities can hold property: individuals, partnerships and corporations. In the case of a property exchange, the way an exchanger holds property going into an exchange is the way they must hold the property coming out of the exchange.

Other Words for Entity

Entity Verb Synonyms: thing, object, being, existence, quantity, article, individual, organism

Other Words for Rule

Rule Verb Synonyms: regulation, order, law, ordinance, ruling, decree, ukase, statute, principle, direction, guide, guideline, precept
Rule Noun Synonyms: direct, guide, manage, control, lead, head (up), preside (over), superintend, oversee, supervise, regulate, govern, run

Three Entity Rule

Business / Agriculture / Three Entity Rule: Federal law currently sets an annual cap on the amount of direct payments that a person may receive from major farm programs. A provision in this law permits a person to receive payments up to the ful MORE

Rule 13-D

Business / Finance / Rule 13-D: Often used in risk arbitrage. Requirement under Section 13-d of the Securities Act of 1934 that a form must be filed with the SEC within ten business days of acquiring direct or beneficial ownership o MORE

Prudent-Man Rule

Business / Finance / Prudent-Man Rule: A common law standard against which those investing the money of others (fiduciaries) are judged. MORE

Rule 14-D

Business / Finance / Rule 14-D: Often used in risk arbitrage. Regulations and restrictions covering public tender offers and related disclosure requirements. MORE

Prudent Man Rule

Business / Taxes / Prudent Man Rule: The prudent man rule is the basic standard a fiduciary, who is responsible for other people’s money, must meet. It mandates acting as a thoughtful and careful person would, given a particular set of MORE

Rule 144

Business / Finance / Rule 144: Restricts solicitation of buyers to complete the sell order of an insider (unless the firm is already a buyer); signified by a flashing 'E' on Quotron. MORE