Business / Real Estate / Equalization: In some jurisdictions, when it is necessary to correct inequalities in state wide tax assessments, an equalization factor is used to achieve uniformity. An equalization factor may be applied to raise or lower assessments in a particular district or county. The assessed value of each property in the area is multiplied by the equalization factor, and the tax rate is then applied to the equalized assessment.

Tape Equalization

Technology / Home Audio / Tape Equalization: In tape decks, the best equalization response must be selected according to the type of tape — normal, chrome, or high-bias. In many decks, automatic sensors perform this function, in others, a swit MORE

Interest Equalization Tax

Business / Finance / Interest Equalization Tax: An interest expense, such as interest on a margin account, that is allowed as a deduction for tax purposes. MORE

Equalization Factor

Business / Real Estate / Equalization Factor: A factor (number) by which the assessed value of a property is multiplied to arrive at a value for the property that is in line with statewide tax assessments. The ad valorem tax would be based on thi MORE