Escrow Instructions

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Instructions: In a sales transaction, a writing signed by buyer and seller that details the procedures necessary to close a transaction and directs the escrow agent how to proceed. Sometimes the buyer and seller execute separate instructions and sometimes the contract of sale itself serves as the escrow instructions.

Other Words for Instructions

Instructions Verb Synonyms: order, direction, brief, briefing, directive, guideline, advice, recommendation, rule, information, drill

Amendment To The Escrow Instructions

Business / Real Estate / Amendment To The Escrow Instructions: A change to escrow instructions requiring the agreement of both buyer and seller. MORE

Escrow Agent-Officer

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Agent-Officer: An individual qualified to perform all the steps necessary to prepare and carry out escrow instructions. Tasks include obtaining title insurance, securing payoff demands, prorating taxes, interest, re MORE

Escrow Receipt

Business / Finance / Escrow Receipt: Property or money held by a third party until the agreed upon obligations of a contract are met. MORE