Estate Taxes

Business / Real Estate / Estate Taxes: Federal estate taxes and state inheritance taxes (as well as the debts of decedents) are general, statutory, involuntary liens that encumber a deceased persons real and personal property. These are normally paid or cleared in probate court proceedings.

Other Words for Estate

Estate Noun Synonyms: property, holdings, domain, demesne, land, landed estate, manor, mansion

Estate Tax

Business / Finance / Estate Tax: Holding of the proceeds from a new bond issue to pay off an existing bond issue at its maturation date. MORE


Business / Taxes / Estate: Your estate is what you leave behind, financially speaking, when you die. To figure its worth, your assets are valued to determine your gross estate. The assets may include cash, investments, retireme MORE

General Real Estate Tax

Business / Real Estate / General Real Estate Tax: General real estate taxes are levied to fund the operation of the governmental agency that imposes the taxes. MORE

Probate Estate

Business / Taxes / Probate Estate: Your probate estate includes all of the assets that will pass to your heirs through your will. It doesn’t include anything that you have sold, given away, put into trusts, or passed directly to reci MORE

Local Taxes

Business / Finance / Local Taxes: Property, sewer, school, or other community paid to a locality. Local taxes are usually deductible for federal income tax purposes. MORE

Real Estate Appraisal

Business / Finance / Real Estate Appraisal: An estimate of the value of property using various methods. MORE