Estimated Buyers Costs

Business / Real Estate / Estimated Buyers Costs: An estimate of the buyers total cash requirements to purchase real property. A realistic estimate of all costs and payments based on the buyers offer.

Non-Recurring Adoption Costs

Life Style / Adoption / Non-Recurring Adoption Costs: One time adoption expenses, which may be at least partially reimbursed by states up to a maximum amount to families adopting children with special needs. Allowable expenses for this reimbursement bene MORE

Opportunity Costs

Business / Finance / Opportunity Costs: The difference in the performance of an actual investment and a desired investment adjusted for fixed costs and execution costs. When not all desired trades can be implemented. Most valuable alternati MORE

Price Impact Costs

Business / Finance / Price Impact Costs: Related: Market impact costs MORE

Round-Trip Transactions Costs

Business / Finance / Round-Trip Transactions Costs: Costs of completing a transaction, including commissions, market impact costs, and taxes. MORE

Must-Buy Buyers

Business / Real Estate / Must-Buy Buyers: Buyers looking for properties that meet specific needs. MORE

Market Timing Costs

Business / Finance / Market Timing Costs: Costs that arise from price movement of a stock during a transaction period but attributable to other activity in the stock. MORE