Estimated Sellers Proceeds

Business / Real Estate / Estimated Sellers Proceeds: An estimate of the net amount an owner will receive from the sale of his or her property. An Estimated Sellers Proceeds form is filled out by the listing broker and calculates the proceeds based on the listing price and sellers costs.

Other Words for Proceeds

Proceeds Verb Synonyms: profit(s), gain, yield, income, receipts, return(s), gate, box office, take

Sellers Market

Business / Finance / Sellers Market: Market in which demand exceeds supply. As a result, the seller can dictate the price and the terms of sale. MORE

Sellers Agent

Business / Real Estate / Sellers Agent: An agent who represents the seller of real property. MORE

Sellers Option

Business / Finance / Sellers Option: Delayed settlement/delivery in a transaction. MORE

Sellers Real Property Disclosure Form

Business / Real Estate / Sellers Real Property Disclosure Form: As required by Nevada Real Estate Division Code NRS 113. 100-113.150, a transferee (buyer) of residential real property is entitled to a statement from the transferor (seller) which provides informati MORE

Will-Sell Sellers

Business / Real Estate / Will-Sell Sellers: Unmotivated sellers who put their property on the market at an above-market price. Sellers who do not need to sell but will if the price is right. MORE

Proceeds Sale

Business / Finance / Proceeds Sale: OTC securities sale whose revenue is used to buy another security. MORE