Exclusive-Authorization-And-Right-To-Sell Listing

Business / Real Estate / Exclusive-Authorization-And-Right-To-Sell Listing: A written listing agreement appointing a broker as the exclusive agent for the sale of property for a specified period of time. The listing broker is entitled to a commission if the property is sold by the owner, by the broker or by anyone else. The phrase right-to-sell really means the right to find a buyer, it does not mean that the agent has a power of attorney from the owner to sell the property.

Multiple-Listing Clause

Business / Real Estate / Multiple-Listing Clause: A provision in an exclusive listing for the authority and obligation on the part of the listing broker to distribute the listing to other brokers in the multiple-listing organization. MORE

Multiple Listing

Business / Finance / Multiple Listing: An agreement used by a broker who is a member of a multiple-listing organization, providing the exclusive right to sell, with the additional authority and obligation to distribute the listing to the o MORE

Loan Broker Listing

Business / Real Estate / Loan Broker Listing: A mortgage loan brokers contract with a buyer to obtain a loan. MORE